Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Auburn Fishes

This post is about passions. Picture 1: Passionate about their alma mater, hobby, and/or profession. Picture 2: Steve Jobs is a very powerful person.

Left: an auburn fisher person. Maybe a marine biologist? If you zoom in you can see the Auburn Tigers swim and diving national championship bumper sticker and a lot of membership stickers for various zoos and aquariums. Places include Belize, Key West, and Lafayette LA.

Below: there are a lot of people with these apple stickers. I saw a Linux bumper sticker yesterday. But the apple stickers...its like saying, I'm hip (kind of like a vw bug says "i'm hip"...this driver is very hip), I'm not PC. But is it really hip if you have to wear a sign? Just asking. I'm not hip. I'm a nerd. Soon I'll post the "I've been going to a lot of school" picture, and use my own car as an example.

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