Thursday, July 31, 2008


More sarcastic bumper stickers. I think I figured out why yesterdays pictures were sort of lame, and hopefully have fixed it. My phone thought it was taking beautiful close-ups, not large views of the backsides of cars....

I actually saw a politically adorned car with Republican stickers on it (Sonny Perdue for Governor), but I was on a limited access highway, and felt it was not the time to snap a photo. Hope to run into it again.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Unfortunately, the pictures here are a bit fuzzy. I was in a hurry. The lower right hand one says "My Child Eats Buggers" and the lower left side says, "My Fundamentalist Religion Can Beat Up Your Fundamentalist Religion", in the middle, of course, the AAA 'save us' sticker. Perhaps the close up picture is easier to read, or if you click on the image it will be easier to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Peace, Love, Oil

And today, after I had lunch with my husband, I drove by this gem.

The truck might be hard to see, I was a bit lazy in capturing it. I think the theme of that vehicle is hypocrisy annoys them.

Finally, a car with some notoriety in this area, and a nice vanity plate. You can read more about this car in a recent newspaper article.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Delaware County, IN

Home of Ball State, "Middletown", and my in-laws. Also, lots of corn.

So, above and to the right, the ideal of a college/grad student vehicle. Possibly handed down through several generations of Ball State Cardinals. And, below, the parents of some members of a local band, perhaps tutored by some of the members of the (renowned, in fact) Ball State music faculty. Also note the special license plate (In God We Trust), apparently this specialty plate is free and according to a "local man" its caused a bit of controversy. Not at the Olive Garden, though, where its quite popular (I didn't count, but I promise there were a row of them parked together):

My neighborhood

Welcome to my neighborhood. . . or at least the part of my neighborhood that likes to proclaim itself. I think if there are any red, or even purple, dots in this blue county, they are silent or wearing blue. I think that people probably are more comfortable being boisterous when surrounded by people like them, or at least people they think are like them. I'm sure someone in psychology has studied this. But since supposedly people are moving into areas that are politically more and more homogeneous and thus more and more districts are "safe"...maybe its a safe assumption that everyone around you thinks like you do? I don't know. But I think my favorite on the truck is "Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper"

Friday, July 18, 2008


The New York Times has this post on motorcycles and the economy today. Since we've been talking a lot about motorcycles in our house (first I wanted one, now my spouse does), I was interested. The husband of Nell's sitter has been riding one to work for years, and they have a sidecar for trips. Also, I saw a guy on a motorcycle (like this one)
this morning whose jacket was flapping around as he zipped up the expressway and he had at least two guns holstered in his belt. I hope he was a police officer. I've been talking a lot about firearms with people lately as well. Maybe sometime we'll turn into the Netherlands or Korea where everyone rides bikes, like Emily. We're (I mean the land use of the United States' metropolitan areas) not really dense enough for that, but maybe in a few decades if the former vice-president has his way.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brevard Co., FL

Thanks, Maggie.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


From a reader (that is, Maggie):

Monday, July 7, 2008

Slow Month

Actually, its been a really busy month, and I've had little time for investigating the varieties of self-expression on the road. My mom and sister went on a road trip to California and I should've put them to work. Apparently Maggie, another sister, took some pictures for me while she was on her honeymoon, but I haven't seen them yet. So, to left is what I've got to show for myself in June. Truck #1 I snapped because of the Sons of Norway sticker on the lower right. I can't remember what the anti-roach sticker on the left is, but the upper right hand sticker is also something nordic. Truck #2 clearly is an open minded loving all people sort of individual. I'm guessing though they don't love Republicans as much. Just a guess, perhaps totally baseless.

Maybe July will be more fruitful. I am going to Indiana next weekend, so perhaps the Hoosiers will have something to say. Oh, and I learned something new. I kept seeing this black w/blue on cars, and apparently it is something for supporting the police, either friend/family in the force (don't pull me over) or it means "thin blue line". Since I may soon have a brother in law who is a cop, maybe I should get one.