Friday, July 18, 2008


The New York Times has this post on motorcycles and the economy today. Since we've been talking a lot about motorcycles in our house (first I wanted one, now my spouse does), I was interested. The husband of Nell's sitter has been riding one to work for years, and they have a sidecar for trips. Also, I saw a guy on a motorcycle (like this one)
this morning whose jacket was flapping around as he zipped up the expressway and he had at least two guns holstered in his belt. I hope he was a police officer. I've been talking a lot about firearms with people lately as well. Maybe sometime we'll turn into the Netherlands or Korea where everyone rides bikes, like Emily. We're (I mean the land use of the United States' metropolitan areas) not really dense enough for that, but maybe in a few decades if the former vice-president has his way.

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