Tuesday, July 8, 2008


From a reader (that is, Maggie):


MEM said...

I saw two other cars that I wish I could have taken pictures of. One was a Ford Excursion, which has a rather large back to decorate. This particular SUV was had two 'doors' to get into the cargo space. Most of the left door was decorated with a school of Jesus fish. Seriously, 15 of them. Some were plain fish, others had Jesus written on the inside, and a couple had crosses inside. However, there was a single fish that was lagging behind the rest on the right door. I think it had fallen by the wayside.

MEM said...

Then this morning, I was driving behind a car that had several bumper stickers on it the most memorable one said "It's God's job to judge the terrorists."

"It's our job to facilitate the meeting." US Marines.

I was actually kind of frightened by that one.

There was another one I saw today that had a similar design to the Marine bumper sticker (top half begins a statement, bottom half finishes it). This one said something to the effect of "It's okay to pray in schools...to Jesus."

I couldn't tell if this one was supposed to be serious or ironic.