Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wright is Right

I'm doing a lousy job of finding anything except Democratic Party volunteers. Probably because the area I most of my driving is very very Blue. I promise to try harder. But it seems like the great majority of Republican cars are just not as fun. What's fun about a black Expedition with a single "W. The President" Sticker in the top right hand window corner? I'll try harder.


biophd said...

Sorry! I'll start commenting more, I promise. But I'm not surprised that bumper stickers in your area lean left. I'll see if I can find some German ones and send them to you. Do Germans have bumper stickers? I'll have to investigate.

biophd said...

Sorry - I promise I'll comment more. I miss liberal bumper stickers. I don't know that the Germans use that particular form of self expression.