Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The car of sea turtle love

So, my favorite of this complete hodgepodge/dump is the car-of-sea-turtle love. Second place is the equality sticker juxtaposed with the confederate veterans heritage plate. Shows how narrow minded I am. Then you can see a clearer picture of the drill for oil sticker (so far I only see them on McCain-stickered cars. Anyone who still has Nader 2001 stickers has my admiration for being a true-believer. (as always, click on the picture to see it larger, and possibly more readable)

Above (the truck with all the stickers on the window), you can see the McCain sticker, to the left of the W `04 sticker, and the outdoors stickers (ron jon, YNP-yellowstone national park, Colorado, and the Miami Hurricanes). There's one (in red, I can't quite make out now, but its "got _____" something? The final sticker says, to tailgaters, "unless your a hemorroid, get off my ___"


biophd said...

I like that the Nader one has a Videodrome sticker on it. Makes me feel nostalgic.

kms said...

Emily, what's Videodrome? Dragon Con is this weekend, is that the same thing?

biophd said...

No! Videodrome is an independent video store at the corner of N. Highland and North Ave. (I think). Dragon Con is a giant sci-fi convention. I went last year and it was awesome. You should go to the parade if at all possible.