Thursday, August 14, 2008

Republicans and the right wing

Okay, first, self-explanatory. Not for Obama `08.

I had another picture (a truck) with a snarky bumper sticker about fuel, but its hard to read, so I'm gonna have to clean it up or something.

Next, another hard to read one, but the key thing is the middle and right hand stickers are confederate "stars and bars", it may be a poor inference, but I'm just thinking they didn't vote for Hillary or Barack. Possibly John Edwards, but I kind of doubt it. (Update: the one on the far left says "_____ is American" and I just can't remember or make out what it says).

The bottom one, also a little hard to see (its really hard to take pictures from the road with a phone camera) is, far left, McCain 2008, middle, something along the lines of Drill Here, Drill Now, More Oil (not verbatim, but that's the gist), and a troops support sticker. I feel like the McCain 2008 is a safe bet Republican car.

I have at least one picture to retrieve from the text-message queue on my phone. So, there are additional not-found-by-me pictures to come.

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