Thursday, September 25, 2008


I think the first one means that they are pro-environment, but I'm not sure it might not be misinterpreted as supporting the Republican VP candidate.

This one, obviously, a religious one. And, one I haven't seen before.

Next, if you can click on it (above) it will show up bigger, but is a basic "guns v. education" comment.

and, I like these riffs on the W the president stickers (see earlier posts)
Lastly, a local cause or two--save piedmont park; don't wreck your car cause you're on a cell phone, and some residual support from the last election. This car even had coverred up a Kathy Cox for governor sticker (GA election a few years ago...Sonny won).

Unfortunately, I don't have a clearer picture of the one below. I guess I could try harder, but I was in my car. sometimes seeing them on the screen of a computer helps clear it up.

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MEM said...

my roommate has the "after we rebuild Iraq, can we rebuild our schools?" sticker on the Nalgene she carries around.